The Card You're Dealt is a cultural probe kit that contained information on my major project about OCD. Both providing facts about obsessive-compulsive disorder and allowing me to gain further knowledge about the illness from others who would interact with it. 
The box was to resemble an old game box as my target audience was for teenagers and young adults. The theme I chose for the overall design and typopgraphic styling was inspired by the design of old gothic styled tarot cards. As I wanted to use the metaphor and the dark nature of tarot cards how they can foresee and afflict people with virtues, vices, toubles and misfortune. In the same way OCD can be a weakness and a serious affliction to a persons life. 
The detailing for the inside of the box was made from denim and the design was inverted and laser etched into the fabric to create an aged and rustic appearance I wanted to capture. This is shown below.
Two games were created one titled "The Card You're Dealt" which consisted of 16 tarot cards all with facts on different obsessions (Red Cards) and compulsions (Blue Cards).
To gain more information a small cultural probe was given out with a diary and two tarot cards one with an obsession and one with a compulsion with rules to counteract the obsession. To allow people who don't suffer from OCD to have a small insight into what it is like to live a week with the illness.
The second game was named "The Vicious Circle" and used the rules of the game Jenga. Where the players carry out the act and repition involed in the game which makes the tower unstable and chaotic. To represent the repetitive rituals carried out during OCD that disrupt the sufferers life. Each block has an emotion related with the illness laser etched onto it.