Drowning from Obsession
Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
This project was to describe aspects of my final year project theme and primary research made so far as a 'vehicle'. Where I had to visually describe and re-imagine my ideas using wonder as the design premise. My major project theme is Addiction, primarily looking at obsessive driven addictions. Examining OCD, I wanted to create a voice for the sufferers and the emotions felt by them. The book firstly is closed hiding the addiction from view in the same manner as those who hide these addictions from loved ones and friends. However when the book is opened it reveals the chaotic emotions felt. Panic attacks are heavily associated with Obsessive Compulsive disorder and I wanted to convey this through the metaphor of a sinking ship in a vortex drowning from the obsession. Also the symptoms of a panic attack include loss of breath in the same way as drowning in water. However the addition of a tethered anchor and a typographic rope show these problems can be solved and the ship can be salvaged in the same way as those who suffer from OCD when they receive proper treatment.