This project, completed while on exchange at ESAG Penninghen (Paris), was inspired by the music of Jacques Higelin, a French singer whose career spans from the 1960s to the present day. His music draws on many influences, and he is greatly devoted to his fans. To convey both the eclecticism in his work and the length of his career, we created a retrospective album that takes some of his best-known songs, fusing the old and new by designing a modern-looking book of vinyls. The album pockets are printed on translucent paper and French folded, so the viewer literally sees his record through a modern-day graphic interpretation. His fans are also integral to the album and its concept, with the best cover version by a fan being featured on the on the B-side of each record.
Album Artwork: Overview
QR Code: To help capture Higelin's long career in the music industry we wanted to fuse both old and new media to convey the varied audience the singer reaches, using both vinyl and digital platforms
Artwork Detail: Titles & Bitmap Designs
The Final Book:
The Process: Pagination, printing, folding, trimming, binding
Vector Artwork: